Our Women Coffee Partners

Empower Coffee Roasters is committed to sourcing our green coffee from women producer farms throughout the globe.  Below, please read more about our coffee partners and how your purchase supports their success.

Our Coffee Partners

Abadatezuka (Rwanda)

Abadatezuka Cooperative is a group of smallholder farmers in Rwanda's Western Province who deliver their coffee in cherry to the Cyato Washing Station, which is located in the Cyato sector of the Nayamasheke district in that region. The producers here grow coffee at elevations all the way up to 2,200 meters above sea level, and the washing station is located at 1,850 meters above sea level.

AMACA (Colombia)

 Empower Coffee Roasters is proud to source beans from AMACA (Asociación de Mujeres Productoras Agropecuarias del Cauca), a group of women producers located in El Tambo, Cauca, Colombia.   A premium is paid to AMACA above the value of the coffee to support their farm and improve the quality of life of its members.

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CESMACH Co-Op (Mexico)

women coffee farmwomen farmerswomen farmers

Empower Coffee Roasters has also partnered with the CESMACH co-op in Mexico. In 2005, a group of six women members of the CESMACH co-op, all of whom managed and worked their own farms, banded together in an effort to integrate more of the co-op’s women members into educational workshops about coffee cultivation, and to highlight the contributions these women were making to the management and labor on their family farms while their husbands, many of which had emigrated to the U.S.A., held the title of CESMACH “member” on paper. They realized that in order to create more equity among the group and to empower these women in farm-leadership roles, this practice had to change.

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Patricia Perez (Guatemala)

Patricia Perez - coffee farmercoffee farmPatricia Perez - coffee farmer

Empower Coffee Roasters is beyond thrilled to work with Patricia Perez, one of the best farmers in the world.  Patricia has been producing her own coffee at Finca El Diamante for just over thirteen years now. Having come from a family with over eighty years cultivating coffee, she mines generations of wisdom in her processes.

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