How to Brew It: French Press

How to Brew It: 

French Press

The French Press is a must-have for any coffee lover's kitchen. It's simple design and function makes it easy for anyone to produce an outstanding cup of coffee. We love using our Olivewood French Press on lazy weekends.

Below is our guide on how to use a French Press. Enjoy!


What you will need:

  • coffee
  • kettle
  • grinder
  • scale & timer
  • french press
  • spoon for stirring


Step 1:
Using your scale, weigh out roughly 60 grams of coffee for 600 ml of water. You can vary the ratio depending on whether you want a stronger or weaker brew.
Step 2:
Grind the coffee using a coarse setting and place it into the French Press container.
Step 3:
Heat water to between 195 and 205 degrees (hotter for lighter roasts, cooler for darker). Some methods call for water just off the boil, so don't worry too much. Slowly pour the water on the grounds, fully saturating them, until you've poured about half way up the container. Let sit for one minute.
Step 4:
After one minute, give the grounds a good stir with your spoon. Then pour the remaining water and place the cover on top, but don't press down.
Step 5:
After a total of at least four minutes, slowly press down to the bottom. You should feel moderate resistance. And then enjoy!