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Women Supporting Women

Empower Coffee Roasters is committed to supporting organizations that seek to empower women and girls achieve their dreams.

We have committed 5% of all sales to go toward organizations that empower the women in our community. In addition, we plan on hosting events for women and young girls to provide educational and professional opportunities.

We also support women-owned coffee farms across the globe in our purchases of sustainable coffee. The owners of the farms we support practice sustainable farming and supply fair wages to their workers, and they give back to their own communities.

Check out how we are supporting women below:

Our Community Partners

Go With The Flow is a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides free menstrual hygiene products to students, educates the public about menstrual health issues, and advocates for education and resources that challenges the social stigma surrounding menstruation and promotes menstrual equity.

Go With The Flow has provided over 20,000 period packs to schools across the state of Arizona. When students in these schools are in need, they are able to approach various school staff to discreetly obtain a supply of hygiene products. Schools as needed, are able to contact Go With The Flow to replenish their period packs, helping to ensure a continuous supply of menstrual hygiene products for their students at no cost to the school. We believe making a resource like period packs available is important because no student should have their education disrupted by the anxiety or discomfort that can arise from not having access to necessary menstrual items. We also believe that for lower income or homeless students especially, menstrual hygiene products can be an extra financial burden if they or their families are not able to afford their costs; this can result in lower productivity in the classroom or worse, missing school altogether. It is Go With The Flow’s mission that no student should have to miss school or compromise their dignity because their bodies are engaging in a normal, healthy function such as menstruation!

Read more in our blog post here.


Our Coffee Partners

Empower Coffee Roasters is proud to source beans from AMACA (Asociación de Mujeres Productoras Agropecuarias del Cauca), a group of women producers located in El Tambo, Cauca, Colombia.   A premium is paid to AMACA above the value of the coffee to support their farm and improve the quality of life of its members.

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Our Vendor Partners

LL Creative Services is a fantastic graphic design company founded by Lindsay LaMonica.  She is responsible for our amazing logo and labels, and we are so happy to work with her. Check her out at llcreativeservices.com. 


Simplified Accounting is an excellent accounting firm owned by Crystal Smith.  She has a wealth of experience, and we feel secure knowing Crystal has our backs.  Check her out at simplifiedaccountingllc.com.