Live and Learn: Empowering Women to Break the Cycle of Generational Poverty

As we are all aware, often poverty is generational. When girls grow up without access to high-quality education and few opportunities for advancement, they are far less likely to advance out of poverty when they reach adulthood.  When they start families of their own, the cycle of poverty continues. One of our main goals in starting Empower Coffee Roasters was to work with organizations that sought to lift women out of poverty through education and opportunity.  That's why we are beyond thrilled to have partnered with Live & Learn, an organization with that exact mission!

Live & Learn's mission is to empower women to break the cycle of generational poverty. The organization works with Maricopa County women whose lives have been shaped by poverty, homelessness, and domestic violence. Most are single mothers, dependent on government assistance for their basic needs. Live & Learn provides an intense, two-year pathway out of poverty through education, career navigation, financial literacy, life-skills, and healthcare. Over 80% of women who enroll in the program successfully stabilize their families, gain employment, and reach self-sufficiency. Their hard work creates a brighter future for themselves, their children, and our community.

Empower Coffee Roasters plans on working hand in hand with Live and Learn to provide educational opportunities to women in need in our community.  We envision them as our long-term partner and are so excited to share their mission with you!

With love,

Denise and Zach

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