Fresh Start Women's Foundation

Women are more in need of support on their journeys to self-sufficiency than ever before. The pandemic and economic recession have worsened matters for many, throwing what feels like impenetrable barriers in the way of women trying to lift themselves and families out of poverty. Nearly 40% of the 12.2 million jobs lost during the pandemic that were held by women are likely not to return (National Women’s Law Center). Mothers in particular, who represent 86% of the population Fresh Start serves, saw a 12% drop of employment in the United States in 2020 (Arizona Foundation for Women).

Founded in 1992, Fresh Start Women’s Foundation empowers women to transform their lives through engagement and education.  Fresh Start is on a mission to help women become self-sufficient, and we know that in order to get there, a woman must become gainfully employed. Not only does employment require the requisite skills, education and training, it also requires the life skills that prepare her for education and employment opportunities.

Their organization helps women ages 18 and up focus on key areas of their lives, with a wide range of services, classes and workshops designed to teach self-confidence, life skills and career development.

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