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Superior Blend

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It's finally here! Our amazing Superior Blend combines amazing coffees from Sumatra, Ethiopia, and Mexico to create a delicious, mellow flavor that is great on its own or as a latte!

We named our first blend Superior after the town of Superior, Arizona. Superior holds a special place in our hearts as it was our first road trip after moving to the Phoenix area.  We remember exploring the small town, enjoying their annual Prickly Pear festival and feeling grateful to be in this amazing state.

This coffee blend was created special for our customers who love a dark-roasted bean, but we think the flavor is nicely balanced for any palette. The beans were sourced from woman-owned farms in Sumatra (Indonesia) and Mexico, as well as from a farm in Ethiopia that funds university scholarships for women in the community.

We hope you enjoy our Superior Blend, the perfect coffee for new experiences!

Tasting Notes:  Smooth and mellow with hints of lemon and caramel.

Roast Level: Dark

Origin: Sumatra, Ethiopia and Mexico
Altitude: 1200-1700 meters asl (Sumatra);1693 – 1860 meters asl (Ethiopia); 900-1800 meters asl (Mexico); 
Processing Method: Washed: Ethiopia and Mexico; Wet-Hulled: Sumatra

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