Our Coffee Partners -Abadatezuka (Rwanda)

OUR COFFEE PARTNERS Abadatezuka (Rwanda)

Empower Coffee Roasters is delighted to source beans from the Abadatezuka Co-op in Rwanda. This co-op is a collection of smallholder farmers in the Western Province of Rwanda. These women farmers deliver their coffee to the Cyato Washing Station. The producers have grown coffee at elevations all the way up to 2,200 meters above sea level. The washing station is 1,850 meters above sea level.



One interesting facet to coffee grown here is that the native honeybees that live and around the Nyungwe Forest where the coffee is grown are said to be responsible for part of the unique profile of this coffee bean. The bee-assisted pollination , the fertile ground (black humus and sandy soil), and cool lake-affected climate thanks to the area's proximity to Lake Kivu contribute to the flavors found in the cup. The farmers use no synthetic inputs, either as fertlizers or pest control.