How to Brew It: Aeropress

If you were to ask coffee enthusiasts and baristas what brewing method is the most fun way to make a cup of coffee, they will probably say the AeroPress method. And with literally thousands of recipes on how to make a cup using the AeroPress, it's easy to see why it's so much fun!

The AreoPress (pictured below) is an immersion brewer, but only immerses the ground coffee for a few seconds compared to the French Press, which typically takes several minutes of immersion. 



The coffee is literally plunged through a filter into your cup. Because one typically grinds the coffee fine and a lot of pressure is used, some people actually use an AeroPress for espresso drinks!. We love the AeroPress for several reasons. First, it makes a delicious cup of coffee. Second, it's very affordable compared to other brewers. And lastly, it's lightweight design and materials make it easy to travel with.

We've put together a short guide for you using a method developed by world-renowned coffee expert James Hoffman. Feel free to try different recipes after you've nailed down the basics. We hope you learn something new!

Equipment Needed

  • AeroPress Brewer
  • AeroPress Paper Filters (typically come with AeroPress)
  • 11 grams of whole bean coffee
  • Kettle (preferably with a thermometer)
  • Scale with timer

Step 1

Separate the plunger from the container with the numbers. Put a paper filter into the paper holder (no need to rinse paper filter). Pop the holder into the bottom of container and twist it closed. Place the container on top of your mug or other coffee server (just make sure your server is stable as you will be pressing down onto it).

Place on scale.

Step 2

Bring your water to a temperature between 185 degrees Fahrenheit for a really dark roast all the way to just off the boil for a really light roast.

Step 3

Grind 11 grams of coffee to a fine consistency that is finer than a pour over but not quite as fine as espresso. Pour the ground coffee into the container

Step 4: 

Pour 200 grams of water onto the coffee grounds, ensuring all grounds are saturated. Make sure you start your timer as soon as the water hits the grounds. You want to pour the 200 grams a bit quickly.

Step 5

Once you've finished your pour, remove from the scale and then immediately place the plunger onto the container about 1 cm deep. This creates a vacuum that will prevent the water from dripping through the filter into your cup or server.

Step 6

Wait for two minutes. Check your Instagram, sing a short song, or just ponder the meaning of life, so long as that only takes you two minutes.

Step 7

Once you've reached two minutes, give the AeroPress a gentle swirl, making sure to securely hold the plunger and the mug while you swirl. Wait another 30 seconds.

Step 8

Once 30 seconds have elapses, starting pushing down on the plunger gently until you've got all of the coffee into the mug or server (this also should take about 30 seconds for 200 grams of coffee).

Lift the plunger up slightly to prevent any drips, turn the AeroPress upside, and set it aside. 

Step 9



  • If your coffee tastes a little sour try making the grind finer.  If it tastes a bit bitter, try a bit coarser.
  • Play with the ratio of water to ground coffee, along with temperature and grind size to adjust to taste