Decaf De Caña
Decaf De Caña
Decaf De Caña

Decaf De Caña

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You've asked and we've listened. Introducing our first decaf, Decaf De Caña. This unique Colombian coffee is a fantastic option for those who don't want the caffeine but still deserve a delicious drink.

The name Decaf De Caña comes from the fact these single origin coffees are decaffeinated in Colombia using a special natural process, utilizing a solvent of ethyl acetate, which can be derived from fermented sugar. The process works by soaking green coffee in a solution of E.A., which bonds to the salts of chlorogenic acid in the coffee and allows for the removal of caffeine. The coffee is removed from the solvent and steamed at low pressure to remove the E.A. compounds, and the finished product retains its flavor integrity but contains almost no caffeine at all. (The beans will contain a maximum of 0.01–0.03% caffeine.)

We know it sounds a bit complicated and scientific, but Denise is a chemist after all! What matters for you is that this is truly an amazing cup of decaf. We're so excited for you to try it and let us know what you think!

There are lots of juicy tart acidity with toffee and lemon flavors.

Roast Level: Medium to Medium Dark

Origin: Colombia
Region:  Huila
Altitude: 1200 - 2000 meters asl
Processing Method: Washed, ethyl acetate decaffeinated


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