Women's Empowerment Series - Shay Johnson, owner of Sugar Star Sweet Treats

We love featuring other women who inspire us and empower others in their communities and beyond. For our next installment of our Women's Empowerment Series, we are featuring Shay Johnson, owner of Sugar Star Sweet Treats.

Parshe (Shay) Johnson is a Phoenix native who turned her love for baking into a family business. Sugar Star, a nickname given to her as a baby by her father, is fitting for the delicious treats she has perfected. Shay has spent countless hours perfecting her recipe for the perfect chocolate chip cookie, using high-quality ingredients and love to deliver a delectable taste in each and every bite.⁠

Eventually, Shay founded Sugar Star Sweet Treats. Her cookies remind us of the homemade treats you would find in your grandma's kitchen, pairing perfect with a cup of coffee! Shay's cookies are classic and unique at the same time and have become a staple throughout the Phoenix area. ⁠

We're proud to partner with Shay and support another small woman-owned business in the community! Go give her a follow @sugarstarsweettreats and visit her online store at https://www.sugarstarsweettreats.com/

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