Women's Empowerment Series - Julia Abbott, host of the Ethical Consumer Podcast

We love featuring other women who inspire us and empower others in their communities and beyond. For our next installment of our Women's Empowerment Series, we are featuring Julia Abbott, host of the Ethical Consumer Podcast. 

Julia Abbott is a committed environmentalist and advocate for sustainability. She is the host of the awesome podcast, The Ethical Consumer, which we were thrilled to be a guest on.

Growing up in the Midwest, Julia was interested in sustainability and wellness, and was open to different types of food and beverages before these things really caught on. She has found the best way to inspire others is to lead by example, but hosting a podcast certainly broadcasts the message a little farther! ⁠

She encourages others to share their story, lead by example, and inspire others! She says, "If you’re sitting on an idea, a solution to a problem, or just not sure if your voice matters, IT DOES!" ⁠

Go follow her at @the.ethical.consumer on social media and check out the Ethical Consumer Podcast! ⁠

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