Women's Empowerment Series- Demetra Presley of Go With the Flow

We love featuring other women who inspire us and empower others in their communities and beyond. For our first installment of our Women's Empowerment Series, we are featuring Demetra Presley, founder of Go With the Flow. 

Demetra Presley is the founder and Executive Director of Go With The Flow, a nonprofit organization that provides free period products to students and community members. She is a period enthusiast and menstrual equity advocate dedicated to spreading education, awareness, and change about the impact of period poverty in Arizona.⁠

Demetra graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science and Master of Art's in Justice Studies. She worked in social services for over 10 years as a domestic violence advocate, homeless youth case manager, and domestic violence, sex crime, and trafficking crime victim advocate, before transitioning into federal law enforcement. She has been a life long supporter for women's rights and reproductive healthcare. ⁠
We are proud to have partnered with and continue to support Demetra and her amazing organization. Go to @gowiththeflowaz and and https://gowiththeflowaz.org/ to follow along their journey!⁠

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