Meet Parshé Johnson, Owner of Sugar Star Sweet Treats

 One of the best parts about starting a business is the opportunity to meet and work with some incredible women.  Parshé "Shay" Johnson is such a woman. Shay is the owner of Sugar Star Sweet Treats, a baked goods company located in Phoenix that has been serving up the most delicious cookies in the Valley for several years. We've recently launched a partnership with Shay, offering a Cookie & Coffee Bundle for coffee lovers with a sweet tooth. 

We were fortunate enough to sit down with Shay and learn more about her journey. Check out her story below!


Empower: Can you tell us a little about your background?

Shay: I'm born and raised in Phoenix. I come from a huge family with 10 siblings, of which I'm the second oldest!

Empower: How did you get into baking and starting a business?

Shay I started baking as a form of therapy during a difficult time in my life. It gave me something positive to focus on. From there it turned into a passion and a love. It turned into something that was just mine. I became a mom and wife in my early 20’s so I kind of lost my identity of self and was just mom and wife. Baking has allowed me to learn about myself as a person again. Plus yummy desserts make people happy and I love that my cookies are bringing happiness to families. I love to see the smiles on their faces. 


Empower:  I think women losing their identities and sense of self is such a common feeling. It's so important for us to find our passions beyond the roles we play in our families. Of course, pursuing those passions comes with its own challenges.  What are some challenges you faced? And successes too?

ShayChallenges I run into is being a one woman show. The family chips in so that helps. Success for me is not how much I sell but the quality I put out there. I have gone through the rebranding process with the help of [my friend and business partner] Renee, and I am much more proud and confident in my business that I have been provided with the tools I need to succeed. 

Empower: As both a women-owned and black-owned business, you offer a unique perspective that unfortunately we don't get to hear much about.  How would you describe your experience as a woman and black-owned business owner.

ShayBeing both a woman and black owned business is MAGIC!!! For so long there have been so many obstacles in our way of success. Our time is now and I am excited about it. I am surrounded by Black Women owned business owners and I know they feel the same way. We don’t want hand outs or sympathy. We are proud women and just want a level playing field to shine.


Empower: Couldn't agree more! What message would you like to share with our customers?

Shay:  I am just grateful for all of my opportunities and happy to work with people like you who are accepting and who know a good cookie when you taste one. 

You can order your own Cookie & Coffee Bundle here to support Shay's amazing business!

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